I Feel Old

I really do, the other day I went to a computer store and asked for an external hard-drive, I was shocked to discover the numbers they spoke off. (the picture shows the 8.0", 5.25", 3.5" from left to right)

See, 15 years ago, I was what was called a computer geek, I wrote my own programs that harassed the computer user, I remember having old computers that you needed to boot-up from 5.25" floppy, and the laughing as my brothers tried to compare the cassette to it. Then having upgraded to the first MS Windows system, we had a computer with an internal hard drive that was huge. It was astronomical, in comparison of course, "double density" floppies had a capacity of 360KB and the more modern "quad density" had a capacity of 720 KB. I remember a six 3.5" floppy which had windows 6.22, which I installed on a laptop with a hard drive of 25 MB, almost seventeen 3.5" or 35 of the 5.25"variety.

The computer store clerk could tell I was in disbelief, I was remembering my uncle saying "The Human brain is measured in terms of Terabytes,"

I had to ask my uncle "and that is?"

"1024 Gigabytes which are 1024 Megabytes each," he said. "but dont worry it wont take up a whole room, it would be as big as a book but that might be 25 or 30 years in the future."

No one accused my uncle of being a visionary, Doctors today say that the human brain is in the Exabyte range, at least, and probably in the Zettabyte. The drive I saw was external but check this out here. The size is almost the same as the size of the 1.44MB 3.5" floppy drive shown at the right of the picture above. Size equal capacity 700,000 times greater.

I didn't know that we were there already, but I was shocked. I didn't buy it but I bought a Western Digital 500GB, it is a life-saver and so cheap.
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